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Every month Summer and I get together for our photo/friends/fashion project

Galentine’s Shoot


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8 Ways to Look and Feel Your Best in Photos

Style Guide


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If you need encouragement to show your face, share your style and develop your brand, this is it.

Why showing your style matters


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Megan is a vibrant, energetic ball of positivity and fun, which you can see from these images!

Megan with M Studio

Personal Branding

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Maternity session in the color studio

Color Studio Maternity


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Meet Jessica! She is a badass boss lady that also happens to be an old friend. Her new company, Bundle x Joy, is a plant-based dog food brand. This is her personal brand session, along with the company brand session. They’re known to give away free coffees so follow along on Instagram: @bundlexjoy

Bundle x Joy

Personal Branding

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Gifting the team with an experience and photoshoot is next level

Toasted Corks Tour

Personal Branding

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A complimentary guide with tips from Ellie, a professional stylist and Dana, a professional photographer.

8 ways to look & feel your best in photos!

Better than Free Cake!

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