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Let me help you capture images that truly represent you and your brand in a fun and authentic way. 

Personal branding - brand style

To make an impact you need to have images that show off who you are and what you do. Your clients want to see your face and your style. It builds connection and trust. If you're nervous about being in front of the camera, don't be. It feels just like two friends hanging out and one happens to taking photos (that's me!) I make the process comfortable, fun and easy!

Photos that represent you. More connection to your audience. It's time to invest in yourself with a personal branding shoot. 

i can help.

real talk:

How It Works

I love getting to know about you and your business. A brand questionnaire will be sent to you to gather all the exciting details about you for our session!

let's chat

We brainstorm, Pinterest and get the right backdrops that match you and your brand

let's plan

The only thing more fun than brainstorming is the shoot! We'll have a great time while getting all the images and looks you need to market your business

let's shoot

It may seem counterintuitive to show your face - but it works

One of the biggest lessons I learned in personal branding was when I started my Matchy Matchy Power Clashy project. It's a self-portrait series where I colorfully match my background with my outfits. To my surprise and delight, I started booking more clients because of it.

It seems counterintuitive that people with a different style would book me because of these colorful images, but they do. 

When you get specific about your style and especially when you show your face, it draws the right clients in.

i can help because i know the power of having images that truly represent your brand

I promise it works

Here's What You Need

a photoshoot that's fun

Photoshoots can be intimidating but they don't have to be. It's really an uplifting day all about capturing your most confident and best self.

A varity of images to use on social media 

One of the biggest problems you're going to have is choosing which images to use! You're doing to come away with SO MUCH VARIETY

start marketing what you're great at

Show your face and let the world (okay maybe just your clients) know you're the expert and how you can help them. Plus pretty pictures! 

“Dana is a magical unicorn when it comes to making you feel comfortable and getting the best shots.”

- evey

"How awesome...I opened up the gallery and was in LOVE with that first photo before even seeing the rest. You TOTALLY captured me spot on! I had soooo much fun and cannot wait to roll these out on ALL of my marketing everything!!"


Interior designer

Yes, It's really fun 

"You’re the best! Thank you for your beautiful work and for helping to make my photos turn out so much cooler than I would have imagined! Love them!"


Real estate agent

"Okay seriously. I've never liked my pictures and these are amazing. I always criticize myself so hard and you captured the best of me."


owner, hair and makeup artist

Is This Right For You?

You don't think you photograph well

You might be overwhelmed 

YOu need to finally make time for a photoshoot 


you're ready TO DO IT ANYWAY

Let's brainstorm and see what magic we can come with together!

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is that a yes?

“A personal brand session is one of the best things you can do for your business.”

- me