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Lifestyle photography is described as documenting real life situations in an artistic or creative way, which is exactly what I do!

I want to reflect the personality, style and story of every client at any stage of life.

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I make the process of taking lifestyle images fun and easy

My philosophy for documenting families is to flow with their specific energy. Sometimes the kids need time to warm up; other times kids are best during the first few minutes. Most times it's a bit of a balancing act. What I've learned over all these years - the trick is not to put any pressure on anyone. Especially the kids. Also: Bribes work (for kids and husbands. No judgment!) 

No matter what, I will help make beautiful images happen!

I'm a non-threatening presence that sees the best. Whether it's a 5 year or old or 50 year old, I want you to see the beauty I see.

i've been documenting portraits, families, and events for over 20 years.

I promise it's fun!

“We just went through all of them and they're amazing. I still can't beleive how incredible your talent is.”

- melody

You are so amazing! I love these so much!!! I don't even know how to pick a favorite! You so captured Charlee and all her sass and inner light!! Thank you so so so much!!!


Yes, It's really fun 

Dana! I’m crying happy tears! Thank you so much for these photos!! As a special needs parent, I worry about how people may see my daughter... my family... but just for a moment you put into print how my heart sees my little family. Forever grateful for these documented moments in time. 💗


"You have such a gift. You caught it so beautifully. You always do but gosh you blow me away every time. I'm crying, these are just so beautiful."



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